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Your most valuable asset at a trade show is your staff.

Based on techniques taught in Three Feet from Seven Figures, Spark Media Solutions offers trade show training to teach your staff how to successfully stop people, engage with them, and qualify or disqualify leads in rapid succession so that you maximize every dollar you’re spending at that trade show.

“Spark Media Solutions’ trade show training reinvigorated our staff.
We tripled our expected leads at the Black Hat Conference.”Steve Hall, VP of Product Marketing, Tenable Network Security

Training Services

Our training package comes with three services:


Your staff is trained to pinpoint ideal people, stop them, have a positive engagement, and quickly qualify or disqualify leads.


Through the training we’ll audition your staff to determine who will perform the best on the expo floor.


We’ll work with you to build an incentive program to make sure your staff works as hard as possible every single minute of the show.

We offer services in your office and onsite at conferences and shows to maximize your staff’s performance.

Three Feet from Seven Figures

Our training expands upon the techniques taught in David Spark’s book:

Three Feet from Seven Figures:
One-on-One Engagement Techniques to Qualify More Leads at Trade Shows

Book reviews, author biography, and preview sample available at

Spark Media Solutions

Author David Spark

Spark Media Solutions is a brand journalism and media consulting firm. Our business is primarily based on engaging trade show attendees and influencers in a fun way. We’re known for our humorous (and sometimes educational) “man on the street” videos. We published Three Feet from Seven Figures and launched the trade show training business to teach others what we’ve learned in our nine years engaging with random strangers at trade shows and conferences.


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